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Happy Travels in 2012!   Leave a comment

Wishing everyone successful travel planning in 2012!!



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DH got me a cute little travel guide for Key West for Christmas.

I was happy to read that the hotel I’ve booked us in (in May) is mentioned as a good night spot.  Both for watching the sunset and for mellow tunes in their wine bar.  The reviews of the hotel were great, but it’s always nice to read a blurb in a travel guide!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I know we did.  I hope that after New Year’s I’ll really be able to concentrate on our next trip…a cruise to the Western Caribbean and Mardi Gras in NOLA!  And of course more blogs will follow as I work on that itinerary!



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Hawaii flight on the cheap!   Leave a comment

On Delta, you can fly from Manchester, NH to Honolulu, in February for $667 pp.  The flight does have 2 stops, but for that price, it’s worth it!

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Ah, London…   Leave a comment

First an update. The good news. does now identify your carrier when you book flights from them.  The bad news is that they no longer seem to be a bargain.  Darn!  Their prices are in line with all of the major travel websites.  😦

I’m harboring a fantasy that I’ll be able to zip to London for the Easter Weekend next year.  Really a complete hallucination on my part as we have 3 vacations booked next year!  But it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?  I’ve been monitoring the airfare for a few months now (I am more than a bit obsessive.  I admit it!).

The price of the flight has dropped about $100…but at $773 round trip, it’s about $200 more than I’m willing to spend.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $600 and I’m not going to start now.  I think I observed the same thing earlier this year.  The trip I booked to London in February was around $550 per person, but until January, that price was easily $200 more pp.

So I will watch those travel sites…and who knows?  If  I catch a lovely price drop in March, maybe I’ll be able to book a quick trip.  If not I’m definitely going back to London in 2013.  Skipping a year is about all I can handle!

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Key West…to book the flight or not???   Leave a comment

Not much exciting to report.  Cubechick and her DH are busy readying the house for Christmas (like a few million others in the US!).  I’ve been monitoring our flights to Miami (only American flies direct…should I be nervous that they declared bankruptcy?).  The price keeps fluctuating in a $30 range.  Right now it’s a the low point of the swing.  Should I pull the trigger or not?  The $30 pp would almost pay for our checked luggage fee.  I generally find that airfare is at the lowest around 6 months out (and we’re at 5 now).  Unless of course you’re willing/able to roll the dice and wait to book until the last minute.  Decisions, decisions.

At least I’ve got the rest of that trip booked.  We’ll drive a convertible from Miami, through the Florida Keys to Key West (crossing my fingers for some sunshine there!).  I found a shuttle that will take us back to the Miami Airport ($50 pp for a four hour drive seems ridiculously reasonable!).

I have hotels booked both in Key West and South Beach before our 3-day Bahamas cruise.

I just need that dastardly flight!!


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Key West   Leave a comment

DSC01774 by cubechick
DSC01774, a photo by cubechick on Flickr.

Star in Key West

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Sunny Key West   Leave a comment

DSC01752 by cubechick
DSC01752, a photo by cubechick on Flickr.

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