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Mardi Gras, here we come!!   Leave a comment

The grandstand tickets I purchased for the Bacchus parade arrived today.  They only took three days to get here.  Thank goodness!  Found out Will Ferrell is this year’s king…should be interesting!!  🙂

I arranged a tour of the Garden District on Lundi Gras.  I chose Racontours as they were very highly rated on Trip Advisor (#2).  I was a little put off because they only offer a tour w/ lunch at the Commander’s Palace ($80 pp…very steep IMO).  If you want the tour w/o the lunch you have to call.  I finally did so because they were so highly rated.  At first I was told that those of us who didn’t want lunch were basically wait-listed.  I didn’t care for that.  Given the timing I felt it critical to have our spot secured.  I must have indicated as such because I was then asked when I wanted to tour.  As soon as I said “February 20th”, the response I got was “Oh!  Lundi Gras!”

To make a long story short, I was able to reserve space for us as the lunch was already full (and our four would fill up the tour).  I was assured that I’d get a confirmation via email by the end of the day (well it was 1:00 in the morning our time).  But when I read the confirmation, the date was completely wrong.  This coming Saturday.  Wasn’t too worried.  Figured it was a typo, which was confirmed a couple of hours ago.  BTW the tour w/o lunch is $30 pp.  A much more reasonable price if you ask me!  I can’t see paying $50 pp for lunch!

We have dinner reservations @ Emeril’s that night.  I had thought to resist the obvious, celebrity chef choice, but his menu was one of the most appealing with the most variety.  I think it’ll be a fun night and a great chance for Cajun inspired cuisine.  Looking forward to it!!

Tomorrow the packing begins.  Gotta pull out summer clothes and sort/wash/iron etc.  Organize all of my docs and tix (I keep everything into my anal-retentive binder which I bought in a fun purple color).  Already downloaded the Mardi Gras parade ap onto my phone (how cool is that?).


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It’s almost NOLA time!!!   Leave a comment

Finally wrapping up the planning for this upcoming trip.

The cruise part was fairly easy.  In fact we booked our excursions months ago.  I don’t know why that piece came together seamlessly.  Perhaps because this will be our 19th cruise and although these ports are all new to us, we’ve kind of got this down?

The New Orleans part has given me fits.  Honestly I think I’ve been resistant in planning this because we’ll be there during Mardi Gras and frankly that just fries my brain.  I’m a planner.  I’m a linear thinker.  You can’t plan Mardi Gras.  Oh, sure I’ve made some reservations (dinner @ Emeril’s for example) but even then you don’t know that you won’t have an hour wait.  The mantra for this trip is flexibility.  You need to be willing to go with the flow.  Stand in line, eat at weird times and go to plans B and C if necessary.  It’s making me bonkers.

Finally today I booked grandstand seats for the Bacchus parade the Sunday before Mardi Gras.  I didn’t really want to.  I  don’t like the idea of being stuck in one spot for at least two hours to see a parade.  But I’m afraid not to!  What if we don’t book tickets, hoping to catch glimpses here and there and we don’t see squat?  What if we see the parades but are trapped far from a bathroom (grandstand seats come with portapotty access at least!).  So I booked one of the top parades, figuring that at the very least, if I’m going to be stuck in one spot, I’d see one of the best!

Anyway, NOLA is nearly all planned…at least as best I can.  We just have to figure out what Garden District tour we want to do…


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Check Airfare Daily   Leave a comment

So, my company decided to celebrate our banner year with a company meeting/celebration in Orlando. We would be able to bring families and have some free time in between meetings.  All you had to pay for was the airline ticket for your family members.  All meals would be paid for by the company.  Can’t beat that!  A nearly free weekend in Florida!

As soon as the rumors began to swirl I started scoping out flights from the Boston area.  Two weeks ago I found out the exact date and the flights were around $330 pp round trip (regardless of whether I chose to fly from Boston or Manchester, NH).  I didn’t want to book though until the official announcement was made.  I know how my company operates, LOL.  Last Thursday the date was announced and the price had jumped to $440!  Ugh!  (Not a big deal for me, hey, the company’s paying!  But wanting to bring a family along, not so much.)  Friday and Saturday the prices remained the same (although I did find that you could fly for nearly $200 pp cheaper if you were willing or able to fly out of Rhode Island).

Sunday I checked and found the flight had dropped to $380 pp.  Not great, but I pounced not wanting to take a chance on it jumping again.

Sure enough, Monday and the price was back to $440.  Crazy stuff.

Bottom line…check, check and check again!

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