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Hawaii in October? Maybe not…   Leave a comment

Perhaps I posted too soon. Now a Med cruise has entered the picture. A very basic cruise by Med standards…3 stops in Italy, 2 in France. I’m terribly torn as I really want to go back to Hawaii, but I’ve never been to the ports on the cruise (including Barcelona, the embarkation port).

I think it’s time for a pros/cons list.

Med cruise:


Never been to the ports ( especially excited about Rome and Tuscany!)

Want to sail the Epic again

Med cruise is on bucket list

Marginally cheaper than Hawaii


Not a relaxing vacation

Would get home on Sunday w/ no recovery time



Really want to return

Didn’t see a lot of Maui on our cruise last year

Easy to plan

Relaxing trip


Longer to travel to than Europe

More expensive

Would only be there for 5 days

Really, really close.  Decisions, decisions!


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How ’bout Hawaii in October?   Leave a comment

Well, I booked a cruise to Bermuda 15 months ago.  Yep.  15 months ago.  The price was right (as it often is so far out) and I was planning on going with a friend of mine, who I met cruising.  Well, she had to cancel.  (That’s always a risk when you book things so far in advance…you just never know what may change.)

So I started brainstorming.  DH was never that thrilled at the prospect of Bermuda in September (too hot)…plus this would be our 10th cruise to Bermuda.  My first thought, “Alaska cruise!”  DH says no.  Too cold.  Too dark.  😦  Bummer.  I really want to go back to Alaska.  (So does he, but he wants to “do it right”…with some time inland, enjoying Denali, etc.)

I poked around, looking at some Med cruises, but the fact is I don’t have the vacation time to do that (and do it right).  Ireland?  Well, I want to go back to western Ireland…but you can no longer fly direct from Boston to Shannon.  WTH?  I’m miffed that I’d have to fly through NYC or fly to Dublin.  Hmph.  Not what I want.

I get home that night and say to DH, “You really don’t want to do Alaska?”.

“Nope,” he says.  “How about Hawaii?”

My heart sings then sinks.  I loved Hawaii.  I can’t believe our trip was a year ago and I’ve been trying to figure out when we can go back ever since we got home.  But I don’t have the vacation time to fly in for the cruise…then take a week-long cruise.

“Not a cruise,” he replies to my concern.  “Land-based.”

Well the wheels start spinning and the plotting begins.  We agree that we want to spend our short time on Maui as we feel that is the island we didn’t really see much of (despite our overnight stay).  Plus Maui is usually the island everyone loves best.  I start playing with flights (expensive!) and hotels (not too bad!) and have a plan formed before the night is out (we know just enough about the island from our cruise last year, that we can quickly determine where we want to stay).

We haven’t committed to this 100% yet…yeah.  Right.  Who am I kidding?  It’s all we’ve talked about since DH brought it up.  Looks like a quick 5 days on Maui in October for us.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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