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Watch Those Reservations!   Leave a comment

Just checked on our Epic cruise and found our price went down another $120 pp.  I immediately called NCL and received the price adjustment. At the rate I’m going, we’ll pay for two excursions with the money I’ve saved!  🙂  I also have enough miles on my Capital One card to take care of my final payment due next month.

At the rate I’m going we’ll only pay half of what I originally booked this cruise for (out-of-pocket that is)!


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Med Cruise Planning   Leave a comment

With Key West in the rear view mirror, it’s time to focus on our next vacation; the Med cruise on the Norwegian Epic.

As posted awhile ago, I booked our flights..totally bummed that prices went up $140 pp since the first time I checked into this. (This is why I plan far in advance. This “short” notice…6 months out, didn’t give me a chance to monitor prices for months on end and give myself a good idea of pricing.). I am happy to announce that so far my flights have gone up in price since I purchased our tickets! I am glad I pounced!

On the flip side our cruise price not only went down (and I rebooked at that new price), they also ran a special with On Board Credit (OBC) which I took advantage of. Between the two I’ve saved over $200 on my cruise since I first booked it. Yay!

Now I’m looking at excursions. Yes, you can save $$ booking independent tours. I’m finding with the Med that the savings are minimal unless you can join a group. Or you’re adventurous enough to really go on your own. We want a tour guide…and haven’t found tours to join, so we’re sticking with the ship’s tours. (Also, with a ship’s tour you don’t risk having the ship leave you behind if the tour is late.)

The first tour I booked is from the port of Livorno. We will be touring Pisa and a vineyard in Tuscany. Many years ago I saw photos from this tour. From that moment on, I wanted to do this tour. The fact that this tour will happen on our 15th anniversary is icing on the cake!

Next we booked our tour from the port of Naples. Wanting to get in some physical activity, we’ll hike Mt. Vesuvius before going to Pompeii. We should also have time to grab a slice of pizza before boarding the ship. DH is mocking me, positive that the pizza can’t be that great…but, hey! This is where pizza was invented and I’ve heard stunning things. So I gotta get me a slice! Pizza is one of my favorite foods after all!

Now we’re studying Rome. The big decision is do we go into the Colosseum or not? Both tours look great. We’ll see a ton of Rome and both include a lovely lunch. But some friends recommend going into the Colosseum, while others thought it a waste of time. Thanks for the help…NOT!

So that’s where the planning of Cube is at the moment. I love trip planning!

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Getting to Key West Just Got Easier   Leave a comment

Beginning November 4th, Southwest will begin flying to Key West!

Start checking out those flights now!

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Key West…final thoughts   Leave a comment

It’s been just over a week that we’ve been gone and I still can’t get over what a great time we had.  I keep thinking about some of the highlights of the trip.  The first highlight being the drive from Key Largo to Key West.

It really has a little bit of of everything going from being packed with stores and strip malls, to the numerous bridges teeming with tourists and fishermen, to the Key Deer.  Driving all over Big Pine Key in search of the little guys and having our efforts rewarded when we got to No Name Key.

Our lunch at the Hogfish on Stock Island was that first Key West experience.  We’re so glad that we stopped there (and so glad my phone has GPS…that was not easy to find!).  DH’s “Killer” Hogfish sandwich was fantastic (and HUGE) and my Cuban Mix sandwich would prove to be the best Cuban sandwich I had all week.

The view from our balcony at the Pier House:

Sunset at Mallory Square:

That Chinese Mahogany at the Roof Top Cafe:

Lunch at the Half Shell…and the view from our table:


And just walking around taking it all in…this is one of my favorite pics:

Again, just a great trip.  Thanks, KW!  We’ll be back!

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