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So I was struggling for a long time trying to decide what hotel we would stay in in Barcelona. It really shouldn’t be that difficult or important a decision. We’ll only be staying there for one night after all. But it does matter!

First I booked the Eurostar Grand Marina. Great reviews, five-star and on the water. Then I read it was on the seedy end of Los Ramblas. Now the chances of us wandering around at night are pretty slim. We are going to be exhausted after a long night of travel, but it was enough to put us off the hotel.

Then I booked the Hotel Barcelona Catedral…it’s near, the Barcelona Cathedral believe it or not, LOL. The location looked great and the hotel appealed to us because of its good reviews and the fact that it has a bar. Believe it or not, bars are not a thing in Barcelona…either stand alone or in hotels.

But I wasn’t satisfied, so I kept looking. For some reason I decided to check the Marriott website even though I hadn’t seen a Marriott amid the hotels reviewed for Barcelona. Bingo! I find a Renaissance, which only became a Marriott property a few months ago. Nice location (just a couple of blocks north of Plaza de Catalunya) nice reviews and free with my reward points! Success!!! Okay…I was short 800 points, so it cost me $12.50 to buy 1,000 points. A hotel room for $12.50??? Priceless!


Posted July 16, 2012 by cubechick in Cruise never stops!

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