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Four Weeks to Go!!!   5 comments

We have reached the four week mark! Four weeks from today, we board the Norwegian Breakaway in Rotterdam. Wow! I can’t believe it’s nearly here!

This is a weird trip for us. Normally I would not book a one-night cruise, but we couldn’t resist this cruise. We were already booked on the Breakaway’s transatlantic from Southampton to New York when the one-nighter from Rotterdam to Southampton was announced. A quick check of the calendar told me that we wouldn’t need to burn any more vacation days to sail out of Rotterdam, so why not?

I’ve arranged our flights through Iceland Air to Amsterdam. Believe it or not, when looking for a one-way flight from Boston to Amsterdam, the non-stop routes wanted $2,000 per person!!! That’s just freakin’ crazy!!! So we will fly through Reykjavik in Iceland Air’s version of first class for less than 1/2 those one-way flights! Sweet!

Once we arrive in Amsterdam, I have arranged a private tour from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (pricey, I know, but we won’t have any shore excursions once on the transatlantic!). They want Euros in cash…here’s where my working for a Dutch company is to my benefit. A colleague went to the Netherlands last week and bought my Euros for me…for the crazy low price of $1.29 per Euro!!!

Use those ATM’s people for the best rates!!! Also always notify your bank when you travel. That colleague of mine didn’t think his debit card worked when traveling as it had been declined in Columbia. I asked if he had notified his bank of his travel and he said, “No”. Sure enough, when he contacted his bank, he found out that a hold had been placed because of attempted use in Columbia!

So we have our Euros, have got some small packing piles forming, and the packing list has begun! We’re officially less than a month to vacation! 🙂


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Here Comes the Breakaway!   1 comment

As much as I enjoyed my trip to London (and reliving it through the wonderful comments I have received here and at Trip Advisor), it is time to move on to the next adventure!

In 54 days we will board the brand-new Norwegian Breakaway in Rotterdam.  This is for a one night sailing that will whisk us to Southampton, England in style.  We’ll spend the night in Southampton, stocking up on provisions for the next cruise (sparkling water, some snacks…maybe some wine), then board the Breakaway again on April 30th (8 weeks from today!) for the seven-day transatlantic cruise to New York City.

Logistically, this is going to be interesting.  We’re flying to Amsterdam via Reykjavik on Iceland Air (less than half the price of direct flights!).  Once in Amsterdam we have a guide picking us up for a private tour that will take us sightseeing in Amsterdam, The Hague and Delft on the way to our hotel in Rotterdam.  It’s expensive, but figuring that we would not be taking any tours on the transatlantic cruise, we’re spending about what we would sightseeing on any 7-day cruise.  It should be a nice, if exhausting day in the Netherlands!

We’ll then spend an antsy night in Rotterdam waiting for the Breakaway to arrive the next morning.  Being that our hotel is a five minute walk from the port and on the water, I’m hoping we’ll be able to see her from our hotel!

It will be the first time we’ve ever done a one-night cruise.  Unlike most of our fellow guests though, we won’t be trying to cram a week’s worth of cruising into one night!  I plan on just hanging back and enjoying the mayhem.  I’ll be taking plenty of pictures of our aft-balcony stateroom and some of the new features of the Breakaway for the blog.

Some of what’s unique to the Breakaway (until her sister ship the Getaway launches) are the Waterfront (outdoor shops, bars, and restaurant seating on the promenade deck), two new restaurants (the free main dining room Savor and the specialty seafood restaurant, Ocean Blue), a new dinner show (Cirque Dreams and Dinner Jungle Fantasy), mini-golf and more!!!  I won’t get everything that first night, but I’ll get it all during the transatlantic!

Tomorrow we can start making reservations for dinner and shows on NCL’s website.  I should say in theory…as the Breakaway is brand new, I won’t be surprised to find that show schedules aren’t finalized yet.  The ship just left the “garage” last week after all (good thing too as her sister, the Getaway, had a small fire today!!!).

Norwegian Breakaway
(Thank you Andreas Depping for sharing your wonderful photos!)

I’m sure I’ll have more things to say between now and the time we fly to Rotterdam, so stay tuned!




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