Breakaway Adventure Continues…

So. We left off with us sleeping the sleep of the super comfortable in our Haven cabin. When we finally roused ourselves from sleep, we went to the Haven for breakfast. The Maitre D had already set up our table for 10 in the pool area of the Haven, Breakfast was awesome with perfectly poached eggs for our Benedict. However those with steaks experienced the very over-cooked variety. Of course, the moment this was mentioned, perfect steaks were whisked to the table.

While we were dining a couple of NCL executives stopped by. We mentioned that the Platinum Behind the Scenes tour had been scheduled for the same time as the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. Immediately they told us that they’d schedule another tour for us. That shows just how much NCL values the Cruise Critic gathering. We hadn’t finished breakfast when Ruth came over to let us know that another tour had been scheduled for 10:15 the following morning. Talk about service!

The Meet and Greet was at 11:00 in Cagney’s. In all of my cruises, I have never seen such a huge turnout! I think 150 people had signed up for the Meet and Greet, and we probably had 160 turn up. All of the officers were there including the execs from NCL and Mr. Kevin Sheehan. He didn’t address the group, but his presence was certainly noted and appreciate (and he did chat with guests individually).

After the M&G we retired to the Haven for lunch. They had hot and sour soup as the soup of the day…it was delicious…but not hot and sour soup! It was more of an egg drop soup with bacon and mushrooms. Very tasty. I had the chicken and polenta. I love the cheesy polenta and have to have it at least once! (Sometimes I order it as a side.)

There was a martini clinic at 3:00, but having purchased the Ultimate Beverage Package, there was no reason to participate in that. I should mention here that there is much confusion about the UBP. No two bartenders interpret the rules the same way (why NCL hasn’t simply printed out the list and put it at each bar is beyond me). I ordered a Cosmopolitan that was no problem. But when a friend ordered a chocolate martini right after me, she was told no martinis! We did get it straightened out (they are included) and have been told going forward that they’ll just set a dollar limit to cocktails (say $10) to end the confusion.

The VIP cocktail party was held in the Haven at 6:00. A great turnout of guests and officers (again Kevin was there mingling and gave me some good natured grief about coming from the Boston area). It was a great time!

Dinner was at the Haven restaurant. I had a chicken and shrimp special that wasn’t very good (very dry and over-cooked).

After dinner we made a donation to the casino and then stopped by Fat Cats for our dose of Slam. Great way to end the evening!

As an aside, I want to mention the interactive television. It was a little disconcerting to see that my bill after one day was $1000! They had the UBP on there and every drink we had on top of that! 🙂 I found that I could purchase my Cruise Reward on the TV which was great! It took some poking around, but I confirmed that all of the reservations I had made for shows and Cirque were on our account and correct. I love technology!

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