The Breakaway…Day 4…

Breakfast in the Haven went a bit more smoothly this morning. Finally they understood that they could serve our tables separately and everyone appeared to get food that was cooked properly. 🙂

Not that every day hasn’t been darn relaxing, but we were super lazy this morning with no parties or gatherings planned. Finally got moving at around 1:00 and went to watch the Zumba class in the Manhattan room. I have to say that I personally would like a little more private a venue. There was a whole lot of us peering down at the exercisers from the comforts of the Prime Meridian bar in between Moderno and Cagney’s. 🙂

Zumba only last about 30 minutes, so we decided to find some food at O’Sheehan’s. I ordered the mozzarella sticks and the mild chicken wings. This was probably the best service I’ve ever encountered at O’Sheehan’s or the Blue Lagoon. Our waiter arrived quickly to take our orders and the food came right out, piping hot. Excellent!

In the Atrium at this time was a How to Run a Floating Hotel presentation/talk with Julie the CD and Denis the HD among other department heads. The first part outlined a lot of what we’d experienced on the Behind the Scenes ship tour (galley, laundry, etc), then Denis, the Food and Beverage Director and the Executive Head Chef answered questions.

Not in the mood for planning, we split up into a few groups at dinner. Some of us opted for La Cucina, the rest for the Manhattan Room. The reports are that the Manhattan Room was great. The service fast and the food good. La Cucina started off very well with magnificent, warm, crusty bread replacing the tiny dried out breadsticks of the past. They served four infused olive oils for dipping (roasted garlic, pesto, rosemary and chilis). YUM! I could have died happy eating that bread with some shaved parmesan. The appetizers were excellent; the carpaccio, calamari and salads all much better on the new menu. The entrees were a miss, with the Osso Bucco being drowned in celery salt and my lobster pasta having old lobster and a strong, fishy flavor. The scenery is lovely though, so overall, I’d say La Cucina is worth a try.

Tonight we had reservations for Rock of Ages. I’m not a big fan of musicals, but was hopeful that I’d at least enjoy the music as I grew up during the ’80’s. Well, can I say that the show was FANTASTIC!!?? Not only was the music fun (and good…with a four piece rock band accompanying the singers/performers), but the staging great and the story enjoyable. We were especially impressed given that they haven’t been on board long and ours was one of the first performances in front of a paying audience. My only word of warning is that it is definitely an 18 and over show.

After the show, we found ourselves at Fat Cats. Unfortunately, Slam is wrapping up at midnight (due to complaints about the noise or so we’re told) so we didn’t catch his set. However we were entertained by the cast of Rock of Ages coming to Maltings and hanging out.

Tomorrow is Cirque Dreams. Today’s shows were cancelled due to the rocky weather. I’m hoping that ours go on as scheduled as it would be unlikely that we’d be able to go again (tonight’s shows are being rescheduled though, so hopefully everyone gets to go).

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