Breakaway…Day 5

Wow. I’m so sad that Day 5 is already here. 😦

For some reason, no one on the ship knows how to cook poached or over easy eggs. Not only in the Haven have eggs been sent back to the kitchen multiple times, with the eggs whites running all over the plate, but we’ve been told that it’s happening in the main dining rooms as well. It seems like a small beef until you realize that people have been sending eggs back all week and the problem still hasn’t been rectified.

Other than that, the day has been fantastic! Went walking around the ship in the morning (again) just soaking in the awesomeness that is the Breakaway. The Waterfront is going to be an amazing area in wonderful weather.

Tonight was the Cirque dinner. As a Haven guest, the concierge will whisk you down the secret elevator which opens right by the Cirque entrance. We had our choice of tables and spotted two select tables that were on a platform behind the stage. The two tables sit 6 each (too small for our party of 14) and almost make you part of the show. We’ve been told that as of the 5/19 sailing these “select” tables will be $450 each, which includes a $100 credit toward the bar to be used during the show. Purchasing the table means you can seat 1-6 people. The price does not change regardless of the number of guests. I guess folks will have to decide if that has any value for them (not for us!).

DH and I really liked the Cirque show because it was all about the acts, without the frenetic plot of the show on the Epic (although I’ve read that they have changed the show). However our friends missed the “plot” of the Epic show and thought the acrobatics were repetitive. I don’t know what else they expected…it’s all going to be about tumbling, quick change artists, etc. Just different costumes. We all agree that it was the quickest meal on the ship at 75 minutes start to finish.

Tonight was the ’80’s party and we’d been clued in by Julie, the CD, that weather permitting, there were fireworks planned! From all that we’d read, it appeared that the fireworks were only going to be on the ship once we reached New York, so this was welcome news.

As soon as we were out of the Cirque dinner we beelined it to Spice H20. They were playing more of the “pop” version of “80’s” music. Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi…and they played Michael Jackson’s Thriller and had passengers dancing a “flash mob”. Cool. We got to hang out with some of the cast of Rock of Ages (I made sure to tell them how much we enjoyed the show) then at 11:15 the fireworks started. For perfect viewing (on this sailing anyway) you needed to be on the port side. Even being on the starboard, I found that if you walked to the end of the Spice H20 bar, you had an unobstructed view.

After the lovely surprise of fireworks, we caught the end of Slam’s set. I do think one of the best things NCL has ever done is hire Slam Allen. 🙂

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