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Norway Planning Continues…   Leave a comment

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Dang, I’m such a slacker! 😉

Have gotten more sorted since my last post.

Found a reasonably priced tour company for Copenhagen. We booked a tour through While I couldn’t find any reviews specific to Copenhagen, I found several positive reviews for this company on both Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic. I was able to book a post-cruise tour for four hours before we need to be at the airport. The cost is $350 for up to 8 people. (Plus an extra $40 for an airport drop off.)

I can’t express how excited we are that we a) will definitely get to see some of Copenhagen, and b) won’t have to spend 6 hours at the airport waiting for our flight. Now, if we’re tuckered out from a long night of travel on the day we arrive in Copenhagen, we won’t feel like it’s our only chance to visit what I’ve heard is just a lovely city. Bonus, 2 couples we’re traveling with will join us, so the cost is less than a similar tour booked through the ship (which we can’t take because our flight is an hour too early). Double bonus for our friends, they’re going to continue on another four hour tour after we leave them as their flights are in the evening. Also at the rate of $350. $700 for an eight hour tour for a private guide is really not that bad. I also liked that they quoted the prices in USD which worked in our favor!

The last time I checked in, we were trying to sort out Helsingborg, Sweden. We finally decided on a ship tour (our only one in seven ports of call!). It’s a “scenic coastal” tour that will show us some of Sweden’s countryside and give us plenty of time to see Helsingborg before we depart. As much as I liked the idea of seeing “Hamlet’s Castle” we decided we should take the opportunity to check out Sweden while we could (even if it’s just a small corner of Sweden).

So to sum up, we’re HOHO’ing our way across Norway, renting a car in the Shetland Islands, booked private tours in both the Faroe Islands and Copenhagen, and booked a whale watch in Iceland (I imagine I’ll be wearing every article of clothing that I packed on that one…brrr!!!).

Pretty much will be relying on credit cards to deal with the 5 currencies we’ll encounter on this trip. Naturally I have GBP and don’t worry about having leftovers there (I travel to London at least every two years). With 3 stops in Norway, having some pocket change there is a good idea…and the Faroe Islands are on Denmark’s DKK. The unique ones are Sweden and Iceland. I have about 600 ISK left over from our last Iceland trip…worth about $5, LOL. As always, I’ll get any cash I need from ATM’s…they always have the best exchange rates…and our bank doesn’t charge FOREX fees.

The piles are forming as we start getting ourselves organized. In just over 3 weeks we’ll be in Denmark. Can’t wait!

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