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Looking at Seattle and Alaska…and are we going to Bermuda or Key West?   Leave a comment

First I think the great debate is over. I know people have been wondering whether Bermuda or Key West was going to win. Well the verdict is in, and Bermuda is the winner! The lure (and convenience) of driving to the pier is just too great. Seriously…driving 45 minutes to the pier versus hours of being trapped in planes and airports? Add to that the fact that Bermuda is wonderful, it’s been five years since we’ve been there, and we did get a really nice price on our cruise…well Key West will be there next year.

But enough about that. That trip is in October. Seven weeks from today we sail from Seattle to Alaska and planning needs to be done.

Sailing out of Seattle is a real treat. The pier is minutes away from Pike Place Market and surrounded by restaurants and much to keep you occupied, like the aquarium. DH and I will fly into Seattle the day before the cruise so we’re already dreaming of our day on the Seattle waterfront. Of course those dreams are all revolving around food. During our last trip to Seattle we discovered a love of Pacific oysters and Dungeness crab…two things not readily available on the east coast. We also discovered during our last trip that by dinner time that first night, we’ll be too tired to handle a nice dinner (not to say we didn’t thoroughly enjoy our burgers at Red Robin!) so we’re focusing on getting our seafood fix during lunch. It is looking like Elliot’s Oyster House is in the lead at the moment but we’ll see! I will also be on a quest for a better fridge magnet. The magnet I got last time is just a restaurant magnet and doesn’t even mention Seattle. Rookie mistake.

On to the Alaska portion of the trip…I believe I already mentioned the excursion that allows you to take a small boat right up to Sawyer Glacier from Juneau. I am all over that. In addition we’re going to horseback ride in Skagway (a bucket list item for DH) and a Duck Boat tour in Ketchikan (my bucket list item). We also plan on having lunch at both places. DH and I always try to dine locally when we have a chance, and I am on a mission to eat my weight in Dungeness crab, LOL.


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Decisions, Decisions….   Leave a comment

Do we keep our cruise to Bermuda this year or cancel in the favor of Key West.

Pros for Bermuda:
Haven’t been there in 5 years
No flying! Drive to the pier! This is a biggie!
Love Bermuda.
7 day cruise vs 4 nights in KW.
This would be 10th trip to Bermuda vs 4th for Key West
Ships no longer dock in St. Georges which was so much nicer than The Dockyard
We just love KW and feel like there’s still so much to do.
Cost would be about the same either trip
Use less vacation time going to Key West

What to do, what to do…

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