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London Again!!   Leave a comment

So DH and I have reached an agreement where I get to go to London every other year. He is not fond of cities and I feel like I am coming home each time I land at Heathrow. ☺️ Therefore we agreed that I get to go every two years without him. Makes both of us happy, right??

My last three journeys have been during winter months simply because of cheaper flights, and we don’t usually have plans anyway. 😂

I made the decision nearly three months ago that I was returning next February (third February I will be going). Since then I have watched airfare like a hawk. Yesterday, the direct flight I wanted via British Airways suddenly dropped $250.

Two years ago I paid $100 less…but I also booked last minute and had a layover. So while the price is the highest I have paid for round-trip London, I don’t think the price will dip too much more. Plus I got the added bonus of booking an airline I like that had the times that fit my desires the best. Win-win. And let’s face it…as airfares have done nothing besides creep up over the years (while everything else about air travel declines), I am simply not going to see the prices from 10 years ago.

So I pounced and booked my flights. Today I helped a colleague plan an awesome day in London (he’s a newb with minimal free time on a business trip).

All in all, a very good London day in the USA. 😄


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Booking Flights … Do You Go For Price or Convenience?   Leave a comment

That was the question plaguing me as I attempted to sort our options for getting to the Port of Miami. First there was just the Miami vs. Ft. Lauderdale conundrum. Even though MIA is of course closer to the Port, FLL is traditionally quite a bit cheaper to fly in to.

I spent weeks playing with options from BOS to both airports. I even threw the recently opened Worcester airport in for good measure. Truthfully though, in my heart, I was just circling, waiting for Southwest to extend their booking window. Finally, the day arrived!  But what the hell?  No “Wanna Getaway” fare for the flight home?!  The MIA-BOS leg was equal to roundtrip fares… and the flight wasn’t even direct!

So this weekend I threw all of my options onto a spreadsheet for comparison. Surprise! American Airlines emerged the clear winner!  First because the price dropped from the last time I had  checked (over $100 per person!) Second, with numerous flights to choose from, the times fit our schedule perfectly. Third, they fly non-stop. Oh, and Fourth, I could get extra legroom seats.  Maybe the most important factor with the epidemic of “reclining seat” rage going on right now, LOL.

The moral of this story being never assume. You just never know how things will work out!

Now with that hideous chore in the rear view, I can start to focus on the new islands this cruise will bring us too!

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