Get Ready Bermuda! We’re Almost On Our Way!

The sand is racing through the hourglass as our latest trip countdown gets serious.

Friday we board the wonderful Norwegian Dawn for our week-long cruise to Bermuda. Three days in beautiful Bermuda is a great prescription for relaxation and de-stressing! The weather forecast isn’t for the best (80% chance of rain! BLECH!), but who cares? We’ll be in Bermuda and on vacation. It’s all good. And hey, we’re a week out, so the forecast can improve…right? Right?!

I know I’ve said it before, but I am crazy excited to be sailing out of our home port (it’s been five years)! That means no TSA, no liquid restrictions, no weight restrictions, no airport food, no cramped seats, no seatback trays covered in crumbs. Just load up the car, drive to the pier, and park. BLISS!!!

I think I may be more excited about that than going to Bermuda, LOL.

So anyway, all of this means I have to get packing. I got the laundry done this weekend, so now it’s a matter of deciding what makes the final cut and jamming it all into a suitcase. (And as we aren’t flying, that can be a really big suitcase!!!)


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