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London Planning Going Strong!   Leave a comment

Believe it or not, this trip is just over three months away!

Time continues to fly, does it not?

The last time I checked in about this trip, I had just booked my flights through British Airways.

I am not doing a lot of planning on this trip…well, comparatively speaking :-). I am traveling with two friends (if not more), one of whom has never been to London and the other was only there once several years ago. I am trying to let them “drive this trip”, as I know there are certain things that “newbies” should (or should want) to see!

I did have to interject one thing though. As we get closer, I am poking around the London travel sites to find out “What’s On” during our visit in February. About seven years ago, I discovered that they offer a Twilight Tour of the Tower of London. However, it is only once a week and in all of my visits, it has never been offered while I am in the city…until this year!!! It is offered on my last night. Oh, how thrilled I was to discover this! And so devastated at the thought of missing it if my friends didn’t want to go! I was fully prepared to go off on my own (SEVEN YEARS!!!) but they showed enthusiasm for the tour and the tickets have been purchased. Yay!!! All is right in my world.

My friends are foodies, so we’ve booked a dinner at the Savoy which should prove to be amazing. Other than that I am trying to keep things open. I have learned through much experience that it is best to book only those things that you must in advanced. Too many reservations or pre-purchased tickets can result in a very stressful trip and a lot of running around!!!

I am also encouraging my friends to start really looking at what they want to see so I can arrange days geographically. On my second visit to London I found myself cutting the Tower of London short to race across the city to Madame Tussaud’s because we had tickets for a set time. A rookie mistake on so many levels!!! First that we were on the opposite end of the city from where we needed to be and Madame Tussaud’s!! I won’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy visiting it once…but really, there are so many much better things to see and do while in London!!!!

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