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When Life Interferes with Cruising…Go to Maui!!!   Leave a comment

I had been planning, for nearly a year now, to cruise with friends to Bermuda this coming August.  However, as happens sometimes, certain issues have developed at work that has made traveling that week problematic.  After a lot of discussion, we decided that rather than dragging my laptop onto the ship, and crossing my fingers that the poor internet service would allow me to get my work done, we would cancel the cruise and come up with a plan B.  Actually DH insisted that we come up with a plan B before we cancelled the cruise.

A lot of suggestions were tossed around, (Key West especially!!!), but Hawaii came up the most.  A couple of years ago we had seriously considered going to Maui for a week over a holiday.  We were serious enough that I had begun the research and even booked a hotel and a tour!  Due to crazy good cruise prices that year, the plan was scrapped and we ended up going to the Western Mediterranean instead (not a bad deal!).

So I started poking around into flights and airfare and found some decent prices over Labor Day week…decent for Hawaii you understand!  So when DH brought up Hawaii again last Friday, I was able to say, “Oh, since you brought it up, here’s what I’ve found.”  We booked the flights that night! 🙂

So Cubechick is off to Maui in less than four months!  Woo-hoo!  I dusted off my research from 2012 and determined that we still wanted to go with the same approach; three days on Ka’anapali beach and two days in Wailea.  I spent the weekend researching hotels in Ka’anapali which is actually a bit tricky as most of the resorts are in fact timeshares or condos.  In 2012 I had planned on staying at Honua Kai because it looked amazing…and yes, because there’s a Dukes Beach House on the property.  I am still dreaming about the Mai Tai’s consumed at a couple of Duke’s from the last trip:

Duke's Mai Tai

Now that I am really doing this trip, I took my research a bit deeper, and although Honua Kai gets great reviews and the photos of the condos are amazing, there were comments about construction, so you had to make sure you got a room in a certain tower.  They only way to do so (that I could see) was to book with an agent or through VRBO so you could pick a specific unit…and here I encountered a lot of jacked up cleaning deposits and fees.

I searched up and down the beach and settled on the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas.  The rooms are all timeshares and they are all decorated identically and to Westin standards, so there’s no worry about getting a room that is sub-standard.  It has plenty of restaurants on the resort and from what I am reading, the snorkeling on their stretch of beach is some of the best for Ka’anapali!  I was able to get a AAA rate, which saved nearly $100 a day, it has a free shuttle which runs to Lahaina (although we will have a rental car, it will be nice to not have to deal with parking), and yes, it’s next door to the Honua Kai…which means it’s next to Duke’s!!!! 🙂

We may find that we were a bit crazy to fly all that way to only spend six days on Maui, but we’re going to give it the college try!  I have scheduled the flights to give us a decent shot at dealing with the time changes (a 12-hour overnight layover on the way to the island will let us get decent sleep along the way, and arriving back home on Friday gives us the weekend to get back on home time).  We shall see!

Much more planning to come over the next couple of months, so stay tuned!  Aloha!!!


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