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5 Sleeps!   Leave a comment

Actually, four sleeps until we leave home. Which means four sleeps until vacation. Yay! 🙂

We have had a few drama – filled days as the Hawaiian Islands have been absolutely surrounded by hurricanes. I am not kidding when I say surrounded!  The Pacific logged a record three Cat 4 hurricanes at one time!

Nails bitten to the quick, we poured over the forecasts this past weekend and considered our options should one of the hurricanes detour us (Cabo anyone?).  I added passports to the packing list (just in case) and scoped out resorts in Cabo. Plenty to choose from! 😉

As of today though, it appears all systems are go for Maui. Hurricanes Kilo and Ignacio just caused some gnarly waves and some rain. Jimena, who we have been watching very closely, seems to be turning away from Hawaii. It will be a couple of days before we are 100% certain, but contingency plans and trip insurance help calm the nerves!

I don’t normally bother with trip insurance on land vacations as hotels are normally readily cancellable, but the hotels booked for this trip weren’t that lenient. Also, with Hawaii being so far from the mainland, I wasn’t sure if medical evacuation insurance might be handy.

So packing is under way. Final errands being dealt with (hair tomorrow!). 


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Is Maui Really Just 17 Days Away???   Leave a comment

I have been so remiss!  I just looked at my last post and realized that it was two months ago!!!  I could have sworn that I had shared our trip planning in minute detail by now and any more posts would be so repetitive!  Ha!  Now I get to share what we’ve planned in one swoop!

First of all we decided to add a day.  I mean really.  How can you fly all the way to Maui from the East Coast and only spend five nights?  Now it’s six nights and we’ll still arrive home on Saturday morning with nearly two days to try to get back on East Coast time.  To keep things even, we added the night to the Four Seasons and the Wailea part of the trip.  🙂  Now we have three lovely nights in each location.

I have been pouring over Trip Advisor’s Maui Forum picking up several helpful tips.  A great one is to keep checking on your car rental prices.  Ours has dropped $160 for the week since I first booked!  Another is on a short trip like ours, to skip the road to Hana as it’s an all-day affair and takes up time that could be better spent elsewhere.  DH and I had already reached that conclusion ourselves.  🙂

Our itinerary isn’t as packed with activities as many others I have seen on the Forum, and that’s just how we like it.  I am not going all that way to Maui to run myself ragged!  Hopefully low-key won’t translate to boring as I do plan on writing up our trip!

The first day we know that we’ll just hit Wal-Mart as stated and pick up some provisions for the condo.  We’ll surely walk around the area, checking things out, and will definitely stop at Duke’s for that Mai-Tai!!

Day two and three will be spent going to Lahaina and driving north to the Nakalele Blowhole, with stops at Kapalua Bay and Honolua Bay along the way.  Which day we do what is up in the air.

There is a cliff-diving ceremony at sunset at Black Rock, so we plan on wandering that way while we’re in the area.  I am thinking the first night would be good as a tool to help us stay awake!

Day four we switch hotels and have decided to drive to the summit of Haleakala along the way.  It isn’t exactly on the way, but it makes sense to us to do it this way.

Days five and six are up in the air.  I do know that I want to go to the black sand beach that is on the south side.

Of course during this time I am sure plenty of snorkeling will occur (especially in the morning before the winds pick up) and plenty of pineapple will be consumed.  Oh and Mai-Tai’s.  Duke’s has been my favorite forever, but I’ve heard that Monkeypod Kitchen makes a mean Mai-Tai, so I will have to have to do a comparison!


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