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Making our Escape   Leave a comment

Over half way to Heathrow. A short layover in Iceland and Icelandair’s Saga lounge.


Can’t wait to get to London then Southampton!


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Maui Final Thoughts   Leave a comment

I have really taken my time getting around to writing this. Probably because it means the Maui vacation is officially over.  But as we are flying to England next week to board the brand-new Norwegian Escape and bring her across the Atlantic, I have got to say good-bye to Maui so that I can move my focus to the next adventure.

But, my-oh-my, saying good-bye to Maui is so hard!  Excepting the oppressive heat and humidity, we had the best time!

I read over and over again that it just isn’t worth it to go to Maui for less than ten days.  And this was from people on the West Coast!  Do I agree that I would have loved to stayed longer?  You bet!  But do I regret that we traveled all the way from Boston for a six day stay in Paradise?  No way!  I have to say that a big reason it was bearable was that we flew home on Friday, meaning we arrived bright and early on Saturday morning.  That gave us the weekend to recover from the time warp and it was needed.

I also read that you shouldn’t go through the “hassle”  of switching hotels.  I can see the arguments both ways, but honestly if you want to move, move!  I think we did it very smartly, using “moving day” to drive to the top of Haleakala.  By the time we had wound our way down to Kahului, I received a message on my Four Seasons app that our room was ready.  Perfect timing!!  I wouldn’t hesitate to switch areas again (although I wouldn’t do so more than once in a trip).  Ka’anapali and Wailea are very different and both worth visiting.  We also don’t like spending a lot of time in the car, so we wouldn’t be happy making a bunch of day trips out of an area.  We’d rather move.

So which hotel did we prefer?  Although the Four Seasons is exquisite, we preferred the Westin Ocean Resort Villas.  The grounds were gorgeous, we loved our one-bedroom villa, and the employees and guests were all just so friendly and welcoming.  I am dying to go back!  Whereas when we do make our way to Maui again, if we do go to Wailea, we will try a different hotel.  Maybe the Grand Wailea next door to the Four Seasons, which was a little more relaxed.

I am glad to hear that Monkeypod Kitchen is opening a restaurant in Whaler’s Village, because when we return, Monkeypod Kitchen is a must! Having a MK in Ka’anapali means we may even go twice! Aside from winning my very important Mai-Tai contest, ;-), they served our favorite meal of the week.  Delicious, innovative, fresh and not badly priced.  Win-win-win-win!!!!

Haleakala was our amazing “must-do”.  For us the drive was terrifying (so if we do it again, it would have to be a tour), but the view was spectacular.  The horrid weather sea level also meant that we were greeted by 60 degree temps when we arrived just before noon.

Our next trip to Hawaii will likely bring us to Kauai, but rest assured that Maui is definitely on our list for a return visit.

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