Escaping to Miami

The first day of the ten day adventure begins. Believe it or not, with 30 cruises under my belt, I have never done a “back-to-back”, so I wasn’t sure what the process was.  A letter was delivered the night before letting us know that the room steward knew of the move and would handle the luggage.  The letter also instructed us to get our new cards from guest services in the morning. However, being that we were staying in the Haven, we knew the concierge would have our new key cards.

While I quickly repacked our bags (we hadn’t taken much out in the one night), DH went to the Haven to retrieve our new cards. He found out that our suite was already available, so we just brought our bags up ourselves. After breakfast in the Haven Restaurant, we unpacked. Awesome!


The Haven Penthouse Suite is very small compared to the aft PH suites, but we sacrificed the size of the room to be in the Haven itself.


The Haven Restaurant is small relative to the number of suites, so at 1:00pm we found ourselves with a 40 minute wait for lunch and extremely slow service. I was beginning to wonder if we’d finish before the lifeboat drill at 4:00!


We have a friend staying in one of the deluxe owner’s suites and we watched sail away from there. Not much to see at night though!


Dinner was at the Haven restaurant.  The food was good, but always missing an element. The steak and lobster had no starch with it (potato or rice, etc) and my four mushroom ravioli, though tasty had no sauce.

The rest of the night passed as many embarkation nights do with many cocktails and many laughs. 🙂

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