Days Three and Four and Five on the Escape

Finally awoke to some sun. Yay!

We planned on Margaritaville for breakfast, but were disappointed to find it closed for the first time. So we wandered to O’Sheehans for breakfast. I have always enjoyed the corned beef hash on other ships, and I was not disappointed this time. The food was promptly served and hot, and the service great.

Despite the sun disappearing and the temperature dropping, we did manage Margaritaville for lunch.  I was anxious to see how close the ship matched the Key West restaurant. Not bad. Probably the best nachos at sea.


And the conch fritters were hot and spicy (though predictably sparse on the conch).


The meal was free for us, but I have heard that there will be a $4.95 service charge once the Escape hits Miami.

That evening we took in For the Record, a supper club based on the movies of John Hughes. Let me start by stating that I am not a fan of musicals, and this was not an exception for me. I had hoped that I would enjoy it because these are movies that I grew up with. But I found the “storyline” tedious as it jumped between six movies. The cast was very talented though.

The meal was fairly awful. The appetizers were good, but the coconut battered shrimp was served with heads, tails, and shells on in pitch-darkness. Not appealing at all. The dessert was flavorless. I found the meals served at the Cirque dinners on the Epic and Breakaway much more palatable.

This review continues to be about food because I spend my mornings reading and my afternoons napping!

Today we tried Pincho Tapas bar for lunch.



This was very good! Better than what we had at Bayamo and only Food Republic has been better. The tapas is very reasonably priced and you can use your dining package with a $7 up charge. I loved the pork belly with sliced apple on foccacia


And DH loved his lamb skewers:


Unfortunately dinner wasn’t as successful. LeBistro is usually one of my favorite restaurants across NCL’s fleet, but this was an atrocious experience. It took 65 minutes to be served the wrong wine and to have our appetizers trickle in. Half our party of 8 went to the Atrium bar for cocktails the wait was so long. When food did arrive it wasn’t hot, and in one instance the soup had clearly been spilled (bowl only half full and soup spilled down the outside of the bowl).  When questioned, the waiter said that was how it was supposed to be. Overall, dinner took about three hours and was not up to Bistro quality.

Margaritaville still isn’t open for breakfast, so we have stuck to the Haven restaurant.  It is a fine but unexciting menu.

The weather is still not cooperating, so after breakfast I spend some time wandering around decks 6, 7, and 8 snapping photos. I find the restaurants are packed with people hanging out as it’s too chilly and murky to sit outside. NCL puts out coffee, tea, and juice in these spaces, which is a nice thought.

For lunch, more fabulous Food Republic. The tuna tataki is DH’s new favorite.


Dinner was La Cucina, which began promising enough. Our orders were taken promptly and starters and wine came along quickly enough. Then everything ground to a screeching halt. It took about 45 minutes for the entrees to arrive for some reason. You could tell that the waitress was stressed about it and checked on our order several times.



For the most part the food was good however I would like to have a dinner done in under three hours!

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