Sorry For The Absence…

Although we did fully enjoy our maiden crossing aboard the beautiful Norwegian Escape, I never did get around to posting a wrap up of that trip as I hit the ground running when I returned to work. Toss the holidays into the mix and I am just now barely surfacing for air.

So at this time I will move on to a quick mini trip coming up in just two weeks. I couldn’t possibly be going to London again??? Could I?? Yep! I am not sure why DH gave his blessing…we have a strict “every other year” agreement in place. Perhaps a moment of weakness?  Perhaps because he has no interest in traveling in February?  No matter. I do not question these opportunities. 🙂

So off to London (only my favorite city in the world!!!) I go with a friend I traveled with last year. We will rent the same home again. Establishing friendships paid off there.  As we proved we weren’t maniacs last year ;-), we were offered a very favorable price for the house and were even able to forgo the security deposit.  So happy!  Loved staying in this home last year (Bev and Jeff may be the best landlords ever…not to mention pretty darn good friends!!)but thought it wouldn’t be feasible (affordable!) if there were only two of us.  Happy Dance!!!

I booked my flights about a month ago through British Airways.  I am not sure when the sale ends, but I was able to get a nifty discount due to an AARP membership.  I am not actually quite “old” enough to qualify for a “full” membership (is 50 old?).  I think I have an “apprentice” membership?  No matter.  For $16 per year I have a membership number that I have used to save up to 5% on cruise fares, and in this case about $150 on airfare.  Yippee!!!  That one discount will pay for 9 years of membership fees!

I will definitely post as we travel, but to set the tone, we are doing some old standards (Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye) taking advantage of 2-for-1 deals, but also some “out-of-box” stuff.  Walking tours of Notting Hill and Hampstead Heath, some 5-star lunches (5-star restaurants become much more affordable during the lunch hour), and walking around checking out old churches and equally old pubs…all in the same area!!  Lots and lots of walking!!

We’ll hit some freebies…just booked Sky Garden today and will poke into the Guildhall Art Gallery to check out the Roman Ampitheater discovered in the basement a few years ago during a renovation (I went here in 2007 and had to pay 5 pounds!!!).

Perhaps the best part of the visit will be touching base with friends.  Both those I am traveling with and those we will meet up with while in London.

So watch this space beginning two weeks from right now!!!! 

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