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Better Late Than Never London Blog   Leave a comment

Maybe I am not too late. It’s been less than two weeks since I left my favorite city. Seems like a good time to take a moment to relive the great long weekend. 😊

As you know I won the airline lottery and was upgraded to club seats. What a great experience! I am envious of some of my fellow travelers who immediately fell asleep and never moved until our approach to Heathrow. I still only managed about an hour. But being able to lay down and just rest was tremendous. I found I landed in London not feeling tired at all!

Tail winds were my friend and we landed 30 minutes early. Then Club World gave me a fast track pass through immigration. I was outside with my luggage about an hour before expected. I was meeting a friend who landed at Terminal 2. She took the train to meet me. The driver for the car service we hired suggested next time to just have them hit both terminals. He said it would’ve been easier. Good to know!

I thought we’d make it to the house an hour before schedule but we hit massive traffic (accident?) so we arrived at 11:00 as I had planned. After settling in we made our way to the Hawksmoor Guildhall for lunch. I had seen the restaurant on a top ten list for the best steaks in the world. With a prix fixe lunch at £23 they were worth a go. I don’t know if they had the best steak, but it was cooked to perfection. The salmon appetizer we had was also excellent, so I would definitely recommend them!


As we were essentially next door, we followed up lunch with a stop at the Guildhall Art Gallery to check out the Roman ruins I knew were in the basement. They are free so definitely worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.


After that we had tickets for the Sky Garden. We really lucked out with weather this first day and enjoyed walking and taking pictures as we went.


Our luck ran out a bit as we arrived at the Sky Garden to find they were having a fire drill. We ended up getting upstairs about an hour late. But what a view! And for free!



We walked over to Borough Market, but didn’t have much time to linger. We stopped by the George Inn for a refreshing pint. Smelly, with sticky tables, it didn’t have the best atmosphere, but as a tavern of historical significance, it was worth the stop. And the pint was welcome at this point!


After a very busy day, we headed back to the house to meet friends for dinner at a local Porteguese restaurant called A Toca. I didn’t take photos, but can testify that the portions were enormous. Probably the best value for your £ that I have ever seen. We had a great time with our friends but after working the previous day and traveling all night, I needed to make it an early evening.

Another great day in London!


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Tip! Always Join Airlines Clubs!   Leave a comment

Little investment  (time) for rewards. So far I have earned free flights on Southwest, got $300 off a booking on Icelandair, and today a free upgrade from British Airways to business class on an international flight. What a pleasant surprise that last one was! I might actually sleep on a red-eye for once! 🙂

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