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Last Bermudaful Day   Leave a comment

I am embarrassed that there isn’t much to report this day. We literally did nothing except watch the Norwegian Dawn sail in (our next vacation destination).

Continue to be unimpressed with food. Tried the conch fritter and calamari appetizer. While both were delicious, there were literally three tiny conch fritters in the basket and a couple quarter-sized calamari rings. Most of what I got was fried batter bits. DH had a very small piece of over-battered fish and a ton of chips.  

Dinner was not an improvement. Corn chowder made with very tough corn. It was pureed into a decidedly chunky consistency that took a lot of chewing.  Yuck. I saved room for the sticky toffee pudding. Probably my favorite dessert.  I should have known this would be the worst one I have ever had. Dry, served cold, and made with an astonishing amount of molasses.  Oh well. I tried. DH had the fish special. Although the flavor was good, it was over-cooked. 

Even though a lot of guests had left the resort on Saturday, the tiny bar was again overwhelmed. 

While I will be sad to leave Bermuda, I won’t be sad to leave the Grotto Bay Resort.  Ironically, because of its price and location, we will probably end up coming back!  But I won’t expect much! 


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Third Day in Bermuda    Leave a comment

A gorgeous and sunny day in Bermuda equals sheer laziness. 

Hit the breakfast buffet and snagged made-to-order omelets. They were delicious. We also snagged some bacon to feed to the Grotto cats. There are three that we have found so far, although only one benefitted from bacon snacks. Turns out it was international bacon day today!  How appropriate! 

We visited our chicken friends before DH spent another morning snorkeling.

We also encouraged “cannibalism” by tossing goldfish crackers to unsuspecting fish. Muwhaha! 

Regular lunch by the pool. My Caesar salad was fine (hard to mess that one up) but DH was underwhelmed by his steak and bacon tacos. (More hamburger than steak.)

Really after the stormy/overcast day before, I was just enjoying the gorgeous views. 

For dinner we made reservations for the Hibiscus Restaurant. This is the more formal of the two restaurants that is open for dinner. They made a big deal on their website and on the menu stating that this restaurant had a dress code. Primarily no shorts for men (unless Bermuda shorts with the socks),must wear collared shirts, no sandals. Not enforced at all! Either ditch the dress code and let all of the t-shirt and cargo short wearing guys in, or enforce it! My DH met the dress code and looked quite spiffy I must say. 😊But he was in the 10% minority. 

I do have to say this was our favorite meal so far. Granted, DH felt the Bermudian fish chowder was the worst he has ever had, but he loved the leg of lamb special and my rib eye was flavorful and cooked perfectly. Yum! But in the theme of missing the mark, in their top restaurant, my bernaisse sauce was served in a plastic condiment cup you’d expect to see poolside. 

As usual the tiny bar was a failure in atmosphere. There was a screen set up on the front porch and a DJ eventually began playing tunes, but there was no notice or indication to guests that anything would be happening. 

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Day Two Bermuda    Leave a comment

Things began with a bang. Literally. Thunder boomed and rain pelted our windows. Eventually we realized the rain sound wasn’t only coming from the outside. Water was streaming down the wall in the front corner of our room where our suitcases were stacked. Clearly this was an ongoing problem in this room. I know they are spending $5 million in renovations soon, but that doesn’t excuse putting off major repairs.

We waited for the rain to abate and dashed to breakfast, a decent but not exciting breakfast buffet. I am glad we sprung for the all-inclusive package as breakfast hits you right away for $22.50 per person. The offerings were as expected. All the fixings for a full English breakfast plus fruits, oatmeal, and omelet and waffle stations. 
After breakfast we explored the property before settling down to snorkel. There is a pergola where the fish congregate waiting for visitors to feed them. It makes for excellent snorkeling. 😉

We had a simple lunch by the pool followed by a well-deserved nap. 😊 

We made up for the nap by exploring Blue Hole Park. 

Some very neat sites to see here.

Tonight was the big surf and turf buffet dinner at Grotto Bay. At $69 pp I was again very glad we opted for all-inclusive. The buffet was fine. The Caribbean lobster tails were grilled, which added some nice flavor. 

Again not liking the lack of bars on the property. It is a gorgeous night out and yet the pool bar is closed.  The single bar that is open (which is inside) is too small to handle the business. At least the bartenders tonight hustled and kept wait times to a minimum. 

Honestly I knew that this property was average at best. However you can’t beat the location! There are several things to walk to (Blue Hole Park, Crystal Caves, Baileys Ice Cream Shop, the Swizzle Inn, etc) and it’s a short bus ride to St. Georges. 

Next time do we give up location for a better property? Decisions, decisions. 

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Bermuda! And Not On a Cruise!   Leave a comment

You may be aware that I have sailed to Bermuda 10 times on cruise ships. Eight years ago, ships got bigger and St. Georges was no longer a port of call. We still sailed a couple more times but missed visiting the other side of the island where the smaller ships could sail. Fast forward to today, and we’re visiting Bermuda by air.  We got a nice package through Jetblue Getaways. Direct flight from Boston, and 4 nights at the Grotto Bay Resort. More time on Bermuda, less money than a cruise, and on our favorite end of the island. 😊

We stayed at the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel the night before the flight. Keep watching those prices folks! Our price went down $100 after I first booked I rebooked twice to get the best price. 😁  

This morning we has a leisurely breakfast  (the BELT sandwich was super tastey…BLT plus a free-range egg on toasted brioche) before catching the shuttle to the airport. Our Jetblue flight left on time and in less than 2 hours we were in Bermuda. Woo-hoo!

After a torturous 40 minutes in immigration lines, we were quickly whisked to the Grotto Bay Resort  (seriously it’s 5 minutes from the airport…taxi fare was $8).  

We quickly checked in and I was happy that our ocean front room did in fact have a great view (have read reports to the contrary).

However “ocean front” is a bit of a misnomer here. There is no “ocean front”, it’s more that the view is unobstructed. But I knew this so no worries. 

Our room is fine and clean but nothing to rave about (except the view). Lunch was poolside and good. We sprung for the all-inclusive package. Pricey at $109 pp per day, but with Bermuda prices very worth it. Plus the package includes non-motorized water sports and a three-day bus pass. 😉

A small short cut through the auxiliary car park gets you to the original Swizzle Inn in less than five minutes. We eagerly ordered our first authentic pitcher of rum swizzle in 8 years. That is the stuff! (I say authentic because their swizzle omits grenadine and isn’t overly sweet).

Back at the Grotto Bay, we went for a casual dinner at the Palm Court Restaurant. Meh.  Over-cooked on both entrees. 

Service wasn’t the best at the one bar that is open (and performing triple duty by servicing two restaurants and bar patrons). Hopefully that will improve. We shall see!

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