Last Bermudaful Day

I am embarrassed that there isn’t much to report this day. We literally did nothing except watch the Norwegian Dawn sail in (our next vacation destination).

Continue to be unimpressed with food. Tried the conch fritter and calamari appetizer. While both were delicious, there were literally three tiny conch fritters in the basket and a couple quarter-sized calamari rings. Most of what I got was fried batter bits. DH had a very small piece of over-battered fish and a ton of chips.  

Dinner was not an improvement. Corn chowder made with very tough corn. It was pureed into a decidedly chunky consistency that took a lot of chewing.  Yuck. I saved room for the sticky toffee pudding. Probably my favorite dessert.  I should have known this would be the worst one I have ever had. Dry, served cold, and made with an astonishing amount of molasses.  Oh well. I tried. DH had the fish special. Although the flavor was good, it was over-cooked. 

Even though a lot of guests had left the resort on Saturday, the tiny bar was again overwhelmed. 

While I will be sad to leave Bermuda, I won’t be sad to leave the Grotto Bay Resort.  Ironically, because of its price and location, we will probably end up coming back!  But I won’t expect much! 

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