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So DH has a hard and fast rule that we don’t fly during winter the winter months to avoid the drama of dealing with snow storms.  When we planned this trip to St. John, we mindfully chose our April 1st departure date thinking we would be safe.  After all the last major snow storm in April (on April 1st mind you!) was 20 years ago!

I am sure that you see where this is going.  Yep.  Major storm sweeping in from the west just in time to potentially have a major impact on our April 1st departure from Boston.  Every time you turn around the forecast gets worse!!!!  And there is a ton of uncertainty because of the temperature…we’re looking at rain, sleet, and snow and various combinations therein.

Short version; after monitoring and agonizing for days, we made our move tonight.  The Friday flights to St Thomas don’t work because they are full, BUT DH has moments of brilliance so we looked at flying to Atlanta Friday evening (Boston’s airport should be okay at that time), spend the night in Atlanta then fly to St. Thomas in the morning.  When it’s all said and done, we should arrive in St. Thomas 7 minutes later than originally planned!!!

The tricky part was getting through to Delta as the rest of Delta’s east coast travelers were all trying to solve their travel woes as well.  I opted to have Delta call me back, which they did within the time frame given.  I finished packing while I waited…multi-tasking!!!  Once I finally got a human, it took the Delta agents a good half hour or more to manage the changes.  The overnight stay in Atlanta was throwing everything completely off so it wasn’t a simple task to re-issue the tickets.  But they persevered and when I hung up the deal was done.  All of the changes I wanted and no fees due to the weather alert.  Boo-yah!

While I was locking that down DH was looking at Atlanta hotels.  Teamwork!

Just in case our flight doesn’t get out, we do still have a hotel booked in Boston as insurance.

Cubechick’s household is in a much calmer state of mind this evening than it was five hours ago!!!





Posted March 30, 2017 by cubechick in St John, USVI

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