Beautiful Day for a Sailaway! 

After a fabulous night’s sleep, we awakened to the sight of the Jade parked at the City Terminal pier. Well, we could see just the tip of its bum if we stepped out onto the balcony and peered around the Holiday Inn!  However, by taking a short walk we could verify that it was in fact our ship!

The Grand Harbour had recently been in the throws of restaurant renovations and during that time there had been a few complaints logged at Trip Advisor about the food service. I am happy to report that the renovations are complete, the breakfast buffet is back in the restaurant where it belongs and is quite good. 

After killing a couple of hours we dragged our bags across the street and to the ship. We arrived just after 10:30 and they had just opened up security. Despite NCL’s ban on bringing any beverages on board, I suspected this wouldn’t be a problem in Southampton, and I was correct. 😉

By 11:20 they began boarding. Our escort didn’t know what he was doing. We were brought to Cagney’s for lunch before they even opened. Of course they weren’t going to tell the suite passengers “no” so we were seated right away. The other passengers weren’t allowed in until noon. 

Oddly, despite having gone through its major refit, the Jade does not have the updated menus. It took me a minute to process that I was looking at a menu that I hadn’t seen in two years!

Southampton sure gave us beautiful weather for our sailaway! I had to make sure I didn’t spend too much time in the sun as I didn’t bring sunscreen! 😂


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