Ships often end up missing their stop at Guernsey. Rough waters surrounding the island can prevent tender operations due to safety. So while I was excited to visit this unique port, I didn’t get my hopes up!

I awakened as the engines dropped to idle. I peered outside and saw sun and calm seas. Yay! 

There are a couple of ways to get on the tender boats. Be escorted by the concierge  (if you are a suite passenger or VIP), get a tender ticket, or wait until general boarding. As DH and I weren’t in a rush, we planned on general boarding and went for a leisurely breakfast. 

Even then we had a long wait as the tender process went slower than I have ever seen. For some reason they were only able to offload one boat of passengers on shore at a time. This hung everything up and there were long periods where the operation ground to a halt. 

By the time we made it ashore, the clouds had rolled in, but Google assured us there was zero chance of rain (Mr. Google was correct!).  We walked down to Castle Cornet but settled for taking pictures from the outside as the £10.50 pp price tag seemed steep. 

Got a nice angle on the Jade and a lighthouse:

And marveled at how dramatic the tides are here. Notice the roof of this yacht below the pier!

We then made our way into town, stopping by the Town Church,

walked past colorful shops and made our way up to the Candie Gardens. 

Eventually we would stop by the Boathouse for lunch. DH and I both ordered galettes, mine ham and emmental, his tuna, onion and cheddar; both delicious despite their simplicity. 

Final stop an M&S for some lovely British cheddar cheese. You can’t get cheese like this at home! Yum!

Dinner was at the main restaurant, Alizar. It was good and service fast.  What more could you ask?


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