What to do in Portland? 

No, not Oregon or Maine, but in Dorset, England. 

My research lead me to the conclusion that there wasn’t a lot to do. Most of the ship tours shuttled you off to Stonehenge or Bath. I saw there was a very small castle nearby, so thought that we might check out the castle, maybe grab lunch. Otherwise, with this port-intensive cruise, this might be a good port to treat as a “sea day”.  

The morning dawns with a sunny sky (and it would remain clear all day) and an announcement from the cruise director that they would be running a shuttle to Portland Castle and to nearby Weymouth. 

I had done no research on Weymouth, but friends we were chatting with through Facebook, indicated there would be more to do in Weymouth than Portland. The shuttles were positioned at the base of the gangway. Ladies were handing out tourist maps of Weymouth and providing a bit of direction. We also found that the shuttle was free, so that was a win!

Shuttling to Weymouth was a great idea, especially given the wonderful weather. You can walk out on the pier to get a pretty good view of the Jurassic Coast. There is a lovely beach and ample shops and restaurants. There is also a fort to explore. It is a lovely area to walk around. 

We sttolled around for a few hours before stopping for a pint and a bite at the Red Lion. Outdoor seating and a local Jurassic ale made Cubebear a happy guy (yes, he is back!). 

The sailaway afforded an amazing view of the Jurassic Coast. 

For a “sleeper” stop, we had a great day. Of course we might have felt differently had the weather not been so cooperative! 


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