Cobh, Ireland 

Cobh  (pronounced “Cove”) is a small town on Cork Harbor with a lot of history. Cobh (once called Queenstown) was the last stop for the Titanic (79 people from Cobh perished when the Titanic grazed that now famous iceberg).  The Lusitania was torpedoed by the Germans off of its shores, and Annie Moore, a Cobh girl, was the first person processed into the United States through Ellis Island. 

Prior to the cruise I had found and printed out a map that outlines three historical walking routes in town. For the most part the “trails” are well-marked (arrows on signposts guide you) and plaques provide descriptions at each point of interest. So that was the plan. Walk around Cobh, and perhaps have a pint. 

Describing our arrival in Cobh as gloomy would be a compliment. Nothing in the forecast had hinted at such a murky start. 

We trudged off of the ship, the fog misting us as we walked. We walked all the way down to the Titanic Memorial Garden first passing the original Cunard office (among other sites) along the way. 

The garden was pretty even in the murk. 

Climbing the hill to St. Coleman’s I swear the fog is lifting…

St. Coleman’s is a imposing presence over the town. But as construction only began in the mid-1800’s, it is a young church by European standards! Free tours are offered within if you are so inclined. 

The fog is definitely dispersing as we made our way to John F. Kennedy park. The colors of the town are beginning to pop in the sunlight. 

Climbing the hill and walking is thirsty work, so it was time for a pint at Kelly’s, conveniently located in the center of town. Guinness really does taste better in Ireland! 

Today we decided to have lunch on the ship, but would wander out for a final pint ashore. 

Sailaway was made extra fun by the performance of the Cobh band.

Notice it is wonderfully sunny now that we are leaving!


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