Dallying in Dublin

The weather continued its cooperation; our day in Dublin would be in the 70’s and sunny! Being that we were parked in a very industrial area: 

we made our way into the city center via the port shuttle ($15pp…it would have been nice to be more central). Careful to note the drop-off point, we set off toward Trinity College. 

It is a beautiful campus and houses the historical Book of Kells. However, at €13 each for a peek at the book, we passed! 

Off to Dublin Castle next. A smallish castle with lovely grounds. 

Then we continued our hike and made our way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There wasn’t an opportunity to peek inside without coughing up €, so we settled for the exterior shot from the adjacent park. 

14,000 steps later, it was time for the first pub stop. I had come across a list of the top ten pubs in Dublin and book marked a couple of them. The first pub was the Norseman. Nice little pub with a singer entertaining the small crowd with classic pub music mixed with Irish ballads. 

Shortly after we arrived, the pub got really busy. It was as if a tour group got dropped off outside. So we made our way down to the next pub; the Palace. Although it too was located in the busy Temple Bar area, it appeared to be at a quieter end. We easily found seats at this classic Victorian pub and happily had our pint of Guinness. 

It was a good 15-20 minute walk back to the shuttle from there. 

Good-bye to Dublin!


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