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…since I posted. I was lazy and didn’t finish my trip report on my UK cruise last spring. But it was fantastic! The beautiful weather sure helped, but DH and I agree we would do that itinerary again as there is plenty left to do.  A really wonderful cruise!

I was supposed to go to London in September, but got freaked out by the terrorist attacks in the UK. I am mad at myself for letting the terrorists win and am now planning on London in February. 

Instead of London, DH and I went back to Bermuda. We went to the Grotto Bay again because it’s so damn easy, but again thought it mediocre (although the staff were all wonderful). The highlight of the trip was taking the bus to St George’s. It had been 9 years since our last visit, and I understand St George’s really suffered when the cruise ships pulled out (the new ships are too large to squeeze through the entrance to the harbor known as “The Cut”).  So we were pleasantly surprised to find the town bustling and as pretty as ever. 

Overwhelmed with nostalgia, we planned on lunch at the White Horse (having spent several pleasant evenings there over the years when sailing the Norwegian Majesty!), however I recalled the excellent reviews of Wahoo’s, so opted for something new.  It was a great decision on our part. It was the best meal of the trip and the waterfront location was wonderful. 

Moving on to today (and my inspiration to post!), we are a week away from Key West! It has been four years since our last visit and we are more than excited to return! I will definitely post about our trip!


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