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Every cat I saw during the week was black.  Interesting.

Driving on the left when you can’t see around corners and steep drop-offs, with potholes poised to swallow your Jeep whole can be terrifying at times.

The little market at the Gallows Point Resort actually has pretty competitive prices on many grocery items.  In some instances they were even cheaper than the much larger Starfish Market.

Gallows Point Resort was, for us, just perfect.  Our ocean view condo (in building seven) gave us an unimpeded view of stunning blue water and St. Thomas.  We never heard a peep from Cruz Bay and our central location within the resort was excellent.  We would (will!) stay there again in a heartbeat.

Gallows Point is a four-minute walk to Cruz Bay.  Convenient!

I still don’t get people who state that St. John is so much better than Maui.  Now that we’ve experienced both, for us they are apples and oranges and both are great for very different reasons.

We really “got” the St. John vibe once we were back in the traffic of St. Thomas.  Ugh!  Talk about apples and oranges!

The ferry ride to St. John is way better than the ferry ride to the airport. 🙂

STT airport was such a madhouse on the way out it almost makes us reconsider returning!

BUT we had read that employees at the airport were rude.  Everyone we encountered was nice and had a smile for us!

Joe’s Rum Hut has good pizza.  Great for takeout and dining on our patio.

Painkillers are yummy.

Been snorkeling from Bermuda to Hawaii to Bonaire and everywhere in between and have never, ever, seen so many turtles as what we saw at Francis Bay!

The Sundog Café has the best Mahi tacos.  Period.

Angel’s Rest is a cool idea.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Who has the best crab Rangoon?  Umami or 420 to Center?  Undecided.  Opinions?

Best burger, Skinny Legs!  Honorable mention, the Tap Room.

Sitting on your patio and having peacocks and iguanas stroll by is seriously cool.

No-see-ums are evil.  Still have welts!

Memorize your license plate! We were the only car in the Starfish Market parking lot…and came out to find we were one of three two-door red Jeeps parked next to each other!

Leaving our condo by 9 each morning meant we had no problems parking at whatever beach we wanted to go to (including Jumbie)!

For us newbies, the National Geographic’s Virgin Islands National Park “Trails Illustrated Topographic Map” was a great tool helping us navigate the roads and St. John Feet, Fins and Four-Wheel Drive is a great little travel guide, written by a local with a good sense of humor.  Both provided invaluable information!

Places that advertise “air-conditioning” more often than not mean they have fans! 😉

Sitting on the shore, watching dolphins frolic at South Haulover was pretty damn neat.

Yes, really, shorts and a casual polo shirt are fine at even the “fancy” restaurants.

I wasn’t sure that it would apply to us, but apparently, you can’t visit St. John without immediately planning your next visit!











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Drama, Drama, Drama   Leave a comment

So DH has a hard and fast rule that we don’t fly during winter the winter months to avoid the drama of dealing with snow storms.  When we planned this trip to St. John, we mindfully chose our April 1st departure date thinking we would be safe.  After all the last major snow storm in April (on April 1st mind you!) was 20 years ago!

I am sure that you see where this is going.  Yep.  Major storm sweeping in from the west just in time to potentially have a major impact on our April 1st departure from Boston.  Every time you turn around the forecast gets worse!!!!  And there is a ton of uncertainty because of the temperature…we’re looking at rain, sleet, and snow and various combinations therein.

Short version; after monitoring and agonizing for days, we made our move tonight.  The Friday flights to St Thomas don’t work because they are full, BUT DH has moments of brilliance so we looked at flying to Atlanta Friday evening (Boston’s airport should be okay at that time), spend the night in Atlanta then fly to St. Thomas in the morning.  When it’s all said and done, we should arrive in St. Thomas 7 minutes later than originally planned!!!

The tricky part was getting through to Delta as the rest of Delta’s east coast travelers were all trying to solve their travel woes as well.  I opted to have Delta call me back, which they did within the time frame given.  I finished packing while I waited…multi-tasking!!!  Once I finally got a human, it took the Delta agents a good half hour or more to manage the changes.  The overnight stay in Atlanta was throwing everything completely off so it wasn’t a simple task to re-issue the tickets.  But they persevered and when I hung up the deal was done.  All of the changes I wanted and no fees due to the weather alert.  Boo-yah!

While I was locking that down DH was looking at Atlanta hotels.  Teamwork!

Just in case our flight doesn’t get out, we do still have a hotel booked in Boston as insurance.

Cubechick’s household is in a much calmer state of mind this evening than it was five hours ago!!!




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Yep, it’s time for another trip!   Leave a comment

Years of cruising have exposed us to many wonderful areas of the world.  One area that begged for a longer stay than the eight hours or so afforded by a cruise ship was St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

I remember our first excursion to this lovely island.  We were heading for a promising day of snorkeling at Trunk Bay and our driver pulled over for a photo op and pointed out the Caneel Bay Resort.  As he described the resort to us, we began dreaming of staying there.  It seemed idyllic!  Upon our return to reality, a friend of ours bragged that he had just returned from a work retreat to Caneel Bay Resort!  Work!!??  As he went on and on about how much he loved it, all I could think was, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?  You got to go to a dream destination like that for work???”  However, time passed, other trips got booked and St. John waited.

A couple of years ago we made another stop on St. Thomas and took another excursion to St. John.  This time we came away determined to come back to this island for real!  I began to research Caneel Bay, because that is of course where we would be staying!  Then I started reading reviews.  In between glowing reviews were negative undercurrents that I just didn’t care for.  My Caneel Bay balloon slowly deflated.  So I did what I should have done in the first place.  I began a general search of hotels and soon came across the Gallows Point Resort.  The consistently glowing reviews, fantastic location (walking distance from all of the shops and restaurants in Cruz Bay), and reports of good snorkeling had me sold.

Initially I made a reservation for October, but plans changed and we opted to go during the high season for once (not very budget conscious of us!) to enjoy the better weather.  So April it shall be!

Originally I thought we would book our flights through Jet Blue as they flight direct from Boston to STT (you have to fly to St. Thomas then take a ferry to St. John).  BUT for reasons I can’t fathom, Jet Blue does not fly direct from STT to BOS!  Not a deal breaker, but as I began pricing options, I found that we could fly direct (both ways!!) on Delta.  Although I do prefer Jet Blue as an airline in general, Delta’s prices were competitive and the direct flights made the decision a no-brainer!

The clock is now ticking with a month to go.  A jeep has been booked for part of the trip and we are beginning to think about what we want to do while we are there.  Although plunking myself down in the sun with an umbrella drink in my hand will be enough for me!

Watch this space for future reports!!



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